Client: Monash College
(subsidiary of Monash University)

Brief:  Monash College was launching a new branding and website and needed images that complemented their branding and illustrated the lifestyle and facilities of Monash College to prospective students. Monash College students come from all over the world, so the images needed to give overseas students a good understanding of the college and its benefits without their having to visit it in person.
To complement the Monash branding and identity, Commercial Focus needed to produce images of students on campus interacting with each other that were not stilted, awkward or overtly staged. The result was a set of images that showcase happy, engaged students, both in and out of the classroom, that our client can use to promote their college throughout the world. nbsp surgery, gynecology and obstetrics 191214:215-230. Then, tiny plastic or gel particles are injected into the blood vessels. how long does viagra for daily use last Hysteroscopy - the doctor passes a long, thin tube with a light through the vagina and cervix into the uterus. S. The fibroid is then gently freed from the uterus by pulling on it and cutting away it's attachments. Our bodies are ruled byiumlraquoiquest hormones, even into our later years, thinking about how much i suffered because of these darn things i now wish i could have rid myself of these fibroids long ago. Researchers think that more than one factor could play a role.